Hiromu sakurada, RED BUSTER is the leader of th
Hiromu Sakurada-1-


e main three gobusters. his buddyroid partner is nick cheeda.


As the new leader of the Gobusters, Hiromu is willing to be on good sides with Ryuji and Yoko. he is hot-blooded and young, to oppose to Ryuji's cold, brooding ways.



  • Ichigan buster Special Buster Mode: the combined form of both weapons in Hiromu's arsenal, which allows him to defeat the Roid of the Week with a large blast. whenever the finisher is activated, the weapon proclaims "It's Time for Special Buster!"
    • ichagan buster:
    • sougablade:
  • Transpod: a small device mounted onm each Gobusters suit that allows them to transport there weapons to the location.
  • Nick Cheeda Bike mode:


CB-01 cheetah: Hiromu's Buster Machine that can switch from three different modes: sportscar mode, cheetah mode, and mecha mode, where it becomes gobuster ace. Nick Cheeda becomes the cockpit of the buster machine, serving as the piloting system and headspot("interface mode")

Gobuster ace can further combine with GT-02 and RH-03 to become the Main mecha of the three Gobusters: Go Buster-Oh.

Weak pointEdit

Hiromu's weak point is his incredible fear of Chickens, as he freezes up whenever he see's one, Real of just a picture.


  • he is the second senshi to based on a cheetah, the first being gekiyellow.
  • He is the second senshi to have his main mech become a "0.5 robo", the first being Ryuuranger, who used Ryuusei-Oh.